What we can do for YOU
Comfort Cleanliness Safety & Peace of mind For Non-Apparel For Apparel
For Rental uniform, Sports wear & Sporting goods
(Paraglider,Sleeping bag,Kite,Cap & Gloves)
Moisture absorbance & water proof - High water pressure,high absorbance & release by Sakai's own method
Water absorbance & quick dry/Antistatic/SR - Excellent comfort finish with antistatic and soil release
Cool refreshment - Removing "Stuffy & Sticky" feeling with cool & dry finish
UV cut - Cutting ratio of ultraviolet is more than 95%
Minus ion - Keeping soft & comfort finish even after adding minus ion
Anti-bacteria & smell guard - Eliminating bacteria in sweat with smell guard
Oil guard - Oil release finish against high temperature oil
Sublimation control - Avoiding sublimation in polyester by 4 layered dry method with high water pressure & moisuture release
For Interior & Bedding
Discharge print - World No1 opal print "Sun Pearl̉"
Laser engraving - Max150cm width for multi-enduses "Peamanic̉"
Skin care - Adding a similar polymer of human skin to enjoy comfort
Anti-bacteria & smell guard - Multieffect of antibacteria & smell elimination
Anti-pollen - Sliding off pollen on the garment with our special resin
Anti-flammable - Durable finish with non-halogen
Anti-static - Durable effect with water absorbance & soil release
Formalin guard - Special finish of Formalin absorbing & dissolving
For Automative parts, Industrial textiles & Wiping cloth
Microfiber finish - World No1 finishing technique
Oil guard - Oil release finish against high temperature oil
Laser engraving - Max150cm width for multienduses "Peamanic̉"
For Lady's wear
Aroma release - Cool feeling & peace of mind by an extract essence of vegetation
Deep black for formal wear - "Ecology" fabric of Triacetate & Special color depth
Crease effect - World No1 delicate crease effect
Multilayered print - Mixture of normal & discharge print
Discharge print - Mixture of normal & discharge print