Ishiro Sakai (the first) founds "Sakai Shoten" as a hemp thread store and subsequently expands the business into a wholesaler of silk thread.
1934   October
 Ishiro Sakai (the second) incorporates Sakai Weaving Co., Ltd. the predeces-sor to Sakai Ovex.
1937   May
 Name changed to Sakai Textile Indus-tries, Co., Ltd. Company develops an integrated capacity in weaving and dyeing.

1949   May
 Company listed on the Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto Stock Exchanges.
1952   June
Company enters into a cooperative relationship with Toyo Rayon Co., Ltd. (Toray), and succeeds in manufacturing and dyeing nylon fabrics.
1956   March
 Begins the production of nylon para-chutes.
1958   July
 Company introduces high pressure dyeing equipment for polyester and achieves volume production of poly-ester.
1959   September
 Tie-up with Mitsubishi Acetate Co., Ltd. Company begins acetate fabric processing.
1962   April
 Showa Emperor and Empress visit Fukui Factory during their trip to Fukui Prefecture for tree-planting ceremony.
 Ceylon Synthetic Textile Mills Ltd. incorporated in Ceylon, a weaving and dyeing plant established with domestic investment as well as investment from Sakai Ovex, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and Toyo Rayon Co., Ltd.
1965   January
 Company begins volume dye processing of "Soalon," a tri-acetate woven fabric produced by Mitsubishi Acetate Co., Ltd.
1968    March
 Company achieves development of Toray Chip Product "V-5," (anti-soiling processing of polyester processed fibers) and begins mass production.  
The Crown Prince (presently the Em-peror) and His Wife visit the company's Fukui Plant.

1970   October
Company introduces a "FACOM230-25" computer, and begins use of com-puterized technology, mainly color matching.
1971   February
 Company begins processing Ecsaine.(Toray Synthetic Leather)
 Company embarks on diversification in the wake of the oil crisis, and establishes new companies in the chemical plant, electricity, machinery and construction divisions.
1977   December
 Company develops an online system within the plant.

1980   November
 Company begins the marine reef busi-ness.
1984   April
 Company introduces TQC system, and embarks on streamlining its internal divisions, with the core objective of enhancing its production base.
 Company establishes Sakai Electric Co., Ltd. and enters the electronics industry.
1986   April
Company establishes its the electronics equipment division and also establishes Sakai Elcom Co., Ltd. (in the electron-ics, and electrical equipment sectors)
1987   October
 Company develops and begins the volume production of deep dyeing processing for formal wear.
1989   October
 Company establishes processing tech-nology for Polyester Shin-Gosen fabrics.
1991   October
  Company marks the 100th anniversary of its foundation.
1992   April
 Company introduces CI and changes its name to Sakai Ovex Co., Ltd.
1994   January
Company completes its new technical center, as a base for product research and development.
Company establishes Toray Sakai Printing & Dyeing (Nantong) Co., Ltd. [TSD].
1995   September
 Company establishes Toray Sakai Weaving (Nantong) Co., Ltd. [TSW].

2000   October
 Gosen Special Finishing Factory is qualified for ISO9001.
 Toray Sakai Printing & Dyeing (Nan-tong) Co., Ltd. [TSD] and Toray Sakai Weaving (Nantong) Co., Ltd. [TSW] consolidated and renamed Toray Sakai Weaving & Dyeing (Nantong) Co., Ltd. [TSD].
2001   August
 Kasuga Factory relocated to and con-solidated with Futsukaichi Factory.
2002   October
 Funabashi Factory relocated to and consolidated with Futsukaichi Factory.
2003   October
 Company establishes Shanghai office.
2004   November
Company establishes Asahi Office.
(Advanced Composite Materials Group)
2005   August
Company merges her affiliated company, "Fish Breeding Equipment Co., Ltd."
Company separates Electric Devices Division and her affiliated company"Sakai Elcom Co., Ltd." absorbs this Division.
2008   June
Gosen Special Finishing Factory is qualified for ISO/TS16949.
2011   November
Company establishes Sakai Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd.
2013   April
Company establishes Advanced Composite Materials Department.
  Gosen Factory is qualified for ISO14001.
2014   January
Makes Itabashi Knit Co., Ltd. an owned subsidiary.
2018   Fabruary
Makes Yasui & Co., Ltd. an owned subsidiary.
2019   January
Makes LimFix Inc. an owned subsidiary.
  Makes Settsu Denki Industrial Co., Ltd. an owned subsidiary.