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Carbon fiber___tanso seni
Our pursuit for future prospect of carbon fiber
CF has advantages of not only lightness, strength, corrosion resistivity but electric conductivity, thermal resistivity, dimentional and chemical stabilities.
SAKAI OVEX is promoting a new CF business as a new version of non -apparel area. We are expected to expand to many new enduses.
Characteristics of acrylic fiber based Pan CF and its composite materials.
*{ } indicates physical characteristics of CF fiber direction
[1]  Smaller {1.7~2.0} and lighter specific gravity than steel.
[2]  High modulas {200~650Gpa} and high rigidity.
[3]  High strength {3000Mpa~6000Mpa}.
[4]  High attenuation.
[5]  Smaller coefficient of expansion & dimension stability.
[6]  Good thermal conductivity.
[7]  High thermal resistivity under non oxygen atomosphere.
[8]  High chemical resistivity.
[9]  Good electric conductivity.
[10]  Good EMI shielding.
[11]  Good X-ray permability.
[12]  Anisotropic material and flexible structural design according to various needs.
CF end use
CF with its advantages is widely applied as an advanced material in aerospace, building, civil engineering, transportation and shipbuilding, and its enduse is further expanded.
Spreading is a process where a carbon fiber bundle, which is used as a reinforcing material for carbon fiber composite material, is spread widely and thinly. SAKAI OVEX has developed a method for manufacturing tape-shaped spread tow yarn by spreading carbon fiber bundles, based on the proprietary technology owned by Fukui Prefecture.
The image of spreading {cross-section view}
Original yarn
An original yarn of carbon fiber consists of thousands or tens of thousands of carbon fibers bundled together. The cross section surface is round or slightly flat.
Spread tow yarn
Thousands or tens of thousands of carbon fibers are spread in the width direction. The cross section surface is flat.
Spread tow yarn
CF spread tow yarn CF spread tow yarn
CF spread tow yarn
Tape-shaped spread tow yarn after the CF bundle is spread, patented by Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture.
Spread tow yarn/woven fabric
Spread tow woven fabric
This is a fabric made of spread carbon fibers. As this fabric is thinner than conventional carbon fiber, it has superior moldability {resin impregnation} and physical properties.
Weaving facilitie
Spread tow woven fabric
Weaving facilitie
Ultra-light carbon fiber fabric
Prepreg / Semipreg
We are developing prepreg, which is made by impregnating carbon fiber spread tow yarn or woven fabric with epoxy and thermoplastic resin.
This is a base material with a draping property for use in the manufacture of CFRTP, which is made by partially adhering a thermoplastic resin film onto a spread tow woven fabric. Hot press molding integrates the adhered resin and carbon fiber to turn them into CFRTP.
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